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What do the cycle of the seasons, traffic flows in Manhattan, crowd psychology and the throw of a set of dice have in common? In recent years, the study of such patterns has increasingly perplexed both mathematicians and philosophers. But there is considerable evidence to suggest that these seemingly disconnected phenomena are all governed by a single underlying law, a 'hidden hand' which lies at the heart of everything.


Benedict (Red) Rattigan is Director of the Schweitzer Institute UK, an organisation that campaigns on issues relating to animal welfare, human rights and the environment.


‘The issues this book touches are fascinating and indeed of utmost importance... The idea it puts forward is at the core of the function of every element of the universe in an implicit or explicit way.’
Dr Stavros Mouslopoulos, theoretical particle physicist

‘Gabriel’s Law succeeds in calling attention to a foundational dynamic according to which existence proceeds. Recognition of this dynamic has great value for unifying currently-disparate domains of knowledge.’
Professor Joel Wilcox, Barry University

‘An elegantly symmetrical theory which I believe to be of immense significance.’
Professor Joseph Prabhu, California State University


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